PhoneSoap Med+

Rapid UV-C Disinfection Device

This device uses high-power germicidal UV-C light to break down the DNA of germs in just 30 seconds, assisting you in your infection prevention and control strategy.

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Product Details

PhoneSoap Med+ is a RAPID UV-C DISINFECTION DEVICE for cell phones, tablets, and other hard to clean hand-held items in 30 seconds. It also tracks which devices have been cleaned and when, so you can ensure your patients and professionals are protected.

  • Disinfection space is large enough for tablets, cell phones, key cards, mobile communicators and more
  • Interior dimensions: 11.125L x 1.75W x 7.5H
  • Exterior dimentions: 15.5L x 4.5W x 12H
  • Motion activated door and touchless operation
  • Smart Tracking feature with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RFID connections
  • Easily mounted to a wall, tabletop, or roll stand

Focusing on what matters most.

While hand-held communication devices are increasingly being used to help foster better processes and outcomes, they bring with them the unintended consequences of increased risk of pathogen transmission when not properly disinfected. Shared-use devices are frequently touched and carried from room to room, patient to patient – like a third hand you never wash. We hope to be part of helping solve this problem with the introduction of PhoneSoap Med+, our rapid UV disinfection solution.

The solution to a growing problem.

PhoneSoap Med+ is a rapid UV disinfection device for cell phones, tablets, and other hard to clean hand-held items. With a disinfection cycle of only 30 seconds, it is an incredible addition to any facility to help ensure your professionals and patients are protected from the spread of harmful pathogens. The Med+ offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RFID connectivity to intelligently track which devices have been cleaned and when. Med+ was designed for flexible deployment allowing the unit to be easily mounted on a wall, tabletop, or roll stand making it a convenient addition to any facility.

Operation is Safe and Easy.

Med+ was built with infection prevention in mind, which is why it offers a motion actived door and touchless operation.

Guaranteed Efficacy

PhoneSoap Med+ actively monitors the UV output of each lamp to maintain maximum efficacy and low maintenance cost.

Smart Features

PhoneSoap Med+ tracks which devices were cleaned and when. It also displays compliance reports on the OLED indicator screen.


PhoneSoap Med+ provides control of the back-end system so you can make better decisions.

Flexible Deployment

PhoneSoap Med+ can be mounted to a wall, tabletop, or wheeled surface.

Stop Germs, Stay Healthy

PhoneSoap Med+ helps you stay healthy and well by eliminating germs.

Product Features

Touchless operation to eliminate any cross- contamination.

Sixteen high-output UV-C lights that sanitize items in 30 seconds.*

Smart Tracking of which devices have been disinfected and when.

OLED screen for on-board system monitoring.



30-second disinfecting cycle


Tracks which devices have been cleaned

No-touch surface

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